Wyhldfisch Productions believes every video, no matter the subject matter or budget deserves high production values as well as a well thought out creative approach that will resonate with the target demographic. Wyhldfisch was founded by Indigenous Director Malinda Rutter, who was one of the youngest female directors to be employed full-time and Bronwyn Nicholas who was the first ever female cinematographer to be employed full time. Together they were key crew for the first all female film crew ever employed full time in the world! Bronwyn has since retired and Sharon Huston has taken her place.

Wyhldfisch prides itself in executing projects across Australia, Singapore and throughout APAC from concept to completion.


Wyhldfisch Makes fresh Films That Don't Stink!


“We have commissioned Wyhldfisch to make a various films including a long form documentary for broadcast.

Wyhldfisch always delivers far beyond our expectations.

Our briefs are answered and then some, with films that embody the fun and energy that typifies Wyhldfisch and their work.
Thanks for an amazing job Malinda and team.”


Tony McCabe, Director at Capital Works, Asset Management Directorate & Department of Education and Communities


Wyhldfisch productions is Proudly registered on Supply Nation.